• All women living in Warren County between the ages of 22 and 45 are eligible.
  • Club meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month from January through November.

Membership shall be by invitation or by transfer from other Federated clubs.

Prospective members must attend two club meetings as the guest of a current member. New members will be admitted monthly & must attend an orientation meeting within one year.

Membership dues are $50.00 and due by March of each year. Each member is also required to contribute item(s) to the annual winter fundraiser equivalent to a $25.00 value. Members are also required to adopt Ducks for the Duck Derby and volunteer their time for the annual Duncan Hines Festival.

Members are required to attend a minimum of five meetings each year. Members are also required to join and participate in one of the Standing Committees listed below.

A member in good standing is one who has met the dues, attendance, winter fundraiser, and Duncan Hines Festival requirements.

Standing Committees:

Membership - This committee is responsible for recruiting new members, retaining existing members and obtaining Club contacts by attending various community events and utilizing social media. The Membership committee will also recognize and reward club members, schedule monthly general meetings and guest speakers, schedule social events for the Club, and actively attend functions in the community.

Development - The Development committee works within the community to strengthen Club connections, brand name, and membership. This committee will be responsible for advertising Club activities, skills, interests, and volunteer work to the community through use of various types of media. The Development committee will recommend and publish changes to bylaws and the annual member yearbook.

Fundraising - The Fundraising committee is responsible for planning fundraisers throughout the year to raise funds for the Club. This committee shall also secure sponsorships and maintain a master list of donors. All fundraising events must be preapproved by the Executive Board.

Community Service -The Community Service committee is responsible for the annual Coats for Kids event and the Community Improvement Project. This committee will promote and seek out volunteer activities to support women, children, and families in the community.